In Ternopil trained on the basics of providing assistance domedychnoyi

In view of the difficult situation in the state, more important is strengthening advocacy outreach for action in the event of disasters of various kinds. It is necessary is to educate citizens domedychnoyi basics of care. After all, the ability to timely and operatyvno carry out resuscitation often saved the lives of many people. February 27 on the basis of the Training Centre for Civil Protection and Life Safety Ternopil oblast teachers held classes to provide assistance with the leaders domedychnoyi farmland different ownership. All participants were taught effective and efficienting, syndication techniques of first aid in extreme conditions, disorders or stop breathing, cardiovascular activity, blood loss and other injuries. Using special mannequins, representatives SMC RCD and BC in Ternopil region helped to consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. Participants expressed their appreciation of rescuersand received useful information, which is urgently needed, especially in the current difficult time because of the level of possession sometimes depends saving human life.