In Lviv will learn to do spring postcards and cook chapati and kichri. Poster

weekend Lions celebrate spring warm conversation, gentle and postcards favorite coffee. The city will be a lot of interest for those who want a bit of bad news to unwind and relax for a few hours at your favorite theater or cinema, concert or exhibition. Phothen: What is new and interesting Lions prepared for the weekend, read the posters. On Saturday « Something interesting » 13.00 held a master class « exhausted paper. Spring Card & raquo ;. You will learn how to work in engineering exhausted paper. And on the last day of winter will make a postcard with spring motifs. Master classes Ian Andesmotor. At 18.00 in Fredra.61 will talk about graffiti. On Sunday in the art of vegetarian cafe will GREEN cooking school of real men. Students culinary school – known DJ T-One and his friend Andrew prepare Indian dishes chapatis and kichri with all the nuances and special effects. THEATRES sabbath REPERTOIRE At 18.00 LvivSkye Opera invites you to Vivat operetta! The theater will take place at 18.00 Zankovetskoy performance « Vij, breeze & raquo ;, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the author's claim ’ thou Latvian playwright and poet Janis Rainis. Theatre Ukrainian Lesia 18.00 will play DIVKA. &Laquo; amnesia or Small marital crimes » invites you to see at19.00 Kurbasa theater. First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences at 14:00 show « Magic steel & raquo ;, and at 18:00 « The mystery of life & raquo ;. A Theatre « and People and Puppets » calls for « Aladdin's Magic Lamp & raquo ;. Performances will take place at 12.00 and 14.00. SUNDAY REPERTOIRE In Lviv Opera noon show « Natalia Poltavku & raquo ;, and at 18.00 – &Laquo; Back Butterfly & raquo ;. Theatre Zankovetskoy 18.00 invites see « last hrechkosiya & raquo ;. In the theater Kurbasa will play at 19.00 « Thus Spoke Zarathustra & raquo ;. At noon on the first theater for children and youth show « Beautiful Carpathians & raquo ;, and at 15.00 – &Laquo; Cinderella & raquo ;. In Theater « And men and puppets » 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 show « Aladdin's Magic Lamp & raquo ;. EXHIBITIONS You can see the exhibition of Peter Smetana « Cities fade & raquo ;, where the artist is trying to draw attention to the existence of cities in our city ’ memory and reality. Hall of Lviv National Gallery westetstv name B. Voznytsky appear somewhat unusual filling of the viewer. For the first time, along with traditional artwork young artists, students of Lviv National Academy of Arts, will present the project of contemporary visual art « integration & raquo ;. Hundreds of photographs depicting the city ’ Taras Shevchenko Monument, located indifferent parts of the Earth can be seen in the main building of the National University « Lviv Polytechnic & raquo ;. In the Gallery of Modern Art exhibition UCU works, which combine modern and ancient artifacts. Present are linocut artist Albina Odessa Yaloza and past – Lviv publishing: books bookstore LvivOn Assumption Brotherhood, which operated from 1591 to 1939, and most active private printing Lviv Michael Slozky (1638 – 1670). For the blind opened an exhibition of unique city ’ out, which is still kept in storage and were not available for review. The works from its collection of stone in Lviv History Museum at the Italian courtyard. Notsighted lions ’ Jana can « see » city ??’ by reason of interest. MUSIC On Saturday in Lviv Philharmonic concert will be held at 18.00 under the theme « Classics for Peace & raquo ;. The famous Ukrainian composer and pianist Egor Grushin presents his long-awaited solo concert in Lviv Philharmonic. March 1 at 18:00 brightestUkrainian representative neoclassical music will perform their best songs, accompanied by a string quartet. MOVIE Short « Almanac 1 & raquo ;. &Laquo; raw-foodists & raquo ;. Light comedy story with instructive ending. Two young people practicing different ways of eating live together and love each other in spite of the oppositeviews. For love stronger. Once they came to the girl's parents to meet with future son in law. This provoked tensions and conflict almost. Following from ’ parents ride a guy trying to change their habits, and nothing comes of it. But she understands it: to love loved the way they are. &Laquo; & r four cocksaquo ;. Easy youth comedy about four friends who won the competition for the best commercial. The customer, a solid poultry farm director, was struck young prot?g? advertisers. From their spot is laughing jury. &Laquo; harmony & raquo ;. The story of two young lovers who go on a journey into the countryside. But they do not pass the exam in respect ofDin another, and each believed that it was his right to an understanding of the nature and essence of human relationships is important. The story of how the two parted ways loved ones, girls and boys. And whether they were happier this – question hangs in the film. &Laquo; As Shevchenko was looking for work & raquo ;. Screen adaptation of the story of Osip Makowei. The film unfolds the incredible story of how he Taras comes down from his portrait after celebrating its anniversary on the feast scientific community that is named ’ I poet. Shevchenko boring to listen to the speech of his genius – and he decides to find a job. But many simply making a car ’ large and EMUMenachem. The authors of the film believe that the best cure for all diseases moral – laughter and irony. Just like 100 years ago, the author considered the story. Cartoon &Laquo; The Book of Life & raquo ;. Full-length cartoon Events « Book of Life » place in a fantastic, incredibly colorful world where lives youth named ’ I Manolo. Eventshis life are such that he had to be torn between the expectations of his family ’ th and desires of his heart. Before you choose the path that will be his fate, cartoon character goes to an incredible journey through the amazing worlds where he will meet with their greatest fears and concerns. &Laquo; Barbie Super PrinceECA & raquo ;. Kara – modern princess who lives an ordinary life. But after kissing magic butterfly Kara discovers that has magical powers and can transform into Super Princess that flies throughout the kingdom and ready to defeat any evil. However, her jealous cousin catches a butterfly and also transformed – but in factmnu Princess! Fighting princesses heated to the limit, but learning that the kingdom of ’ real serious enemy appeared, about whether they ’ united in one team, forgetting past differences? From a bird's eye we see that the most powerful force – This is the power of friendship! &Laquo; Underwater wonderland & raquo ;. In a small fishlskomu living village girl named ’ I oceans. She knows how to talk to marine life. Girl does not know where her this gift, nothing city ’ yataye about his past. But once it comes to fairy waves, which reveals her secret. In fact, Ocean – Marine sorceress daughter, which the evil spirit put their magic. To save the cityAUC, a young magician should go to the difficult journey to a distant wonderland. Along the way it will meet pirates, evil wizards and even the mighty spirit of fire, but when next to you loyal friends, nothing scary. NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Love Me & raquo ;. Sasha – attractive Ukrainian – the day of his 33rd birthday decides to end the long hundredcontacts with a married man. He fell into despair of uncertainty, it welcomes home a foreigner with a view to getting pregnant and more will never see. Foreigner turns young Turks Cemal that the bride before the wedding, they found his father, arrives with family fun in Kyiv. Suddenly a man appears Cemal, which Aspnetand for the first time feels a real woman. For a short time they experience a series of adventures that really bring them closer to … Jemal, who gets snowed in Kyiv, despite the language bar ’ Pierre and experienced shocks from Kiev realities, falls in love for the first time outside so independent and strong, but actually insecure and fragile Sasha.Will a chance at true love? &Laquo; AE. 20 Live in KYIV & raquo ;. This film version already legendary anniversary concert « Okean Elzy & raquo ;, held at the NSC « Olympic » In June last year. &Laquo; Everly » (Action, Thriller). A woman trying to survive in a clash with soldiers Yakuza to save his mother and Dochment. The action all takes place in one of the walls of the apartment. &Laquo; OLD » NEW RELEASES &Laquo; Kill the messenger » (Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective, biography). Reporter becomes the target of a smear campaign that almost brings him to suicide, which was a result of the disclosure of his facts role of the CIA in organized armed uprising in Contra NicknameAragua and import cocaine into California. Based on the biography of the journalist Gary Webb. &Laquo; Hunter Fox » (Thriller, drama, biography, sports). Multimillionaire John Dupont invites to his estate ruler Olympic gold medal wrestling with Mark Schultz to prepare the team for the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988. Hoping to devote himselftraining, decent act and get out of the shadow of his brother, the legendary wrestler Dave Schultz, Mark accepts the offer. But DuPont picks paranoid game of cat and mouse with Mark and Dave. This cruel game alienated brothers and leads to senseless tragedy. &Laquo; 50 shades of gray » (Erotic thriller). Anastacia Steel – modest student who was livingazom with a close friend, classmate Kate. A week before graduation at the University of Anastacia, at the request of the patient Kate replace it, takes interviews ’ S a young handsome billionaire Christian Grey. Interviews ’ S consists not very good, and Anastacia did not think that they ever meet again. Suddenly, with Gray ’ is a hospodarsTo store where she works seller. Their acquaintance continues and Anastacia gradually learns the secret of sexual delight rich. &Laquo; Kingsman. Secret Service » (Action, Comedy, Crime, Adventure). Jerry – young guy who took service in the Marine Corps and has a very high level of intelligence. He could get baGato things, but chose a different path and became a criminal fine. Once he met Harry Hart, where his father once saved the life. This person decides to do everything possible to make life better and Jerry open for him new opportunities. Harry told him that the secret agent is an independent organization that is protecting the entire villageVi?u. He suggested that the boy be trained and become a new member of their team. Jerry Hart accepted the offer, but whether it can cope with all the challenges and justify his hopes ... Told