Ternopil, OSA in seeking funding for the completion of the State Archives

On completion of the new premises of the State Archives of Ternopil region takes 24 million. This was announced by Acting Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Babiychuk shall look unfinished. According to DeputyDirector of the State Archives of Ternopil region Svetlana Naychuk, you need to complete the construction as soon as possible. "The State Archives is charged 726 950 units, 20% of which are due to improper storage conditions is practically unusable, among them - damped documents with text, bioushkod-conservation, infected FPGAnyavymy mushrooms in need of restoration, repair and conservation, - said Svetlana Nestorivna. - More than 20 years not completed archive documents through one hundred percent load archives. Institutions and organizations over deadlines holds more than 60 000 units. " Svetlana Naychuk stressed that specialat important solution to the problem of recruitment documents of the National Archival Fund, preventing the formation of "white spots" in the history of our country, which can solve by completing the construction of the new building of the State Archives. However, John Babiychuk noted that according to the project building rain drainage located in the middleThe unique building, which - ironically. "History - Historical Treasury Ternopil, important documents are concentrated on the events and people that can not be forgotten - said Acting Deputy Governor. - We can not allow some of the fragments of the life of our country was dropped. Therefore, the primary output is rainwaterdrainage outside. We, in turn, are looking for ways to finance long-term construction to complete. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration