Above art vocational school 5 m. Winery is working on adapting building trades (+ photos)

26-27 February visited the school as part of the German delegation vice-president of Toralfa Weise, project manager Gerhard Blessing, assistant project manager Gisela Blessing and coordinator of the Fund Oleg Pavlyuk. The main focus of activityness Fund Eberhard Shoka is - the scope of support craft activities, training, youth and adults craft occupations. The project is the modernization of vocational training in the construction sector and its harmonization and rise to the same standards as in Western Europe. The meeting was presented report on the eventin the reconstruction of educational workshops held to discuss further funding of the project by both parties, the expert group was held introductory tour classrooms and workshops schools, conducted workshops on artistic trends. As Toralf Weise, school showed good results, the Ukrainian side VikoSetting the task and surprised German colleagues overfulfilment plan. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration