In the Lviv region in Sambor hit people over the head with a stool friend

The victim was hospitalized in the hospital with an open head injury. With respect to the attacker, police opened criminal proceedings under Article 121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. By Samborskogo city police department, February 25, received messagesent from employees Sambor Central Hospital that brought them to the 55-year-old local resident with an open head injury. Departure investigative team found that on the day the victim in his home. drank alcohol with 64-year-old friend. Subsequently, a dispute arose between the men under PartAl guest which took a stool and hit her on the head with a friend. 64-year-old man confessed to the crime. Law enforcement officials announced he suspected of having committed a criminal offense provided for p1. st.121 (grievous bodily harm). Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of five to eight years. CCA GMinistry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region, by Tatiana Ohrimenko materials, Assistant Chief Samborskogo MB