Lviv All-Ukrainian Youth Tournament Athletics memory Yaroslav Tiagnybok

Lviv February 26, 2015 held XV Ukrainian youth athletics tournament in memory of Yaroslav Tiagnybok. In the fight was attended by around 200 athletes from five areas - Ternopil, Volyn, Rivne, Transcarpathia, Lviv. Young andtlety competed in cross-country sports, long jump and high, throwing the nucleus, race walking. The winners of sporting events were 54 young athletes. According to organizers, the purpose of the competition is not only a commemoration of the famous Ukrainian athlete and sports doctor Yaroslav Tiagnybok but also physical and patriotic education ofolodoho generation Ukrainian nation. As the tournament spivorhanizatorka Lily Bilinsky through a difficult situation in the country athletes from other regions could not participate in the tournament. On behalf of the family Tiagnybok competitors welcomed the grandson of Yaroslav - Yasmin: " All I wish further victories and achievements in sport, so you adequately defendedhonor and Ukraine on the international sports arena. The future of our country depends on you! & Quot ;. Note: Jaroslaw Tyagnibok - Ukrainian sports doctor, developer of unique methods of treatment of sports injuries, master of sports of athletics, team doctor USSR boxing. Father Andrew and Oleg Tyagnibok. This was reported in the press service of Lvivth regional organization VO " Freedom "