Through video surveillance Transcarpathian police caught "product" thief in Irshava

police caught 33-year-old attacker that znadyvsya steal sausage from a local supermarket. Owners of many stores often complain that the shelves of their retail establishments disappears many goods. The guards repeatedly caught neches storesthem into the hands of customers who are buried in jackets with big pockets goods. Better yet, it detects video surveillance system. Recently in one of the supermarkets Irshava cameras recorded a young man steals sausage. He visited four times in the store and bore unpaid goods. The fourth time protection attacker arrested, Mr.Rothe he not only confessed to the crime, but also resented hot ... So had to go to the store administration police. Only after viewing the CCTV camera thief confessed to the crime. It was found that the 33-year-old s.Siltse whenever Steals three sticks of sausage. Thus causing material storesnyh losses worth about thousand. In this incident Irshavskoye police station opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (Theft, if repeated). On the attacker expects restriction or imprisonment for up to 5 years. Vita Horzov Irshavsky District Police