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Cyril Stecenko bring to the city "violin tree of the"

next Friday, March 6, at 19:30 in the Lviv Philharmonic concert "tree of the violin," devoted to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. The press service of the Lviv Philharmonic. Design « Violin kind of tree » &Ndash; This nationwide concert tUri Honored Artist of Ukraine violinist Kirill Stetsenka in the period from spring 2014 to autumn 2015 The concert program is a kind of mini-anthology of Ukrainian violin art XVIII-XXI centuries. Musical performance includes masterpieces M. Berezovsky, Lysenko, Stetsenko, D. Sichynsky, V. Kosenko, Skoryk. Along with Cyril Stetsenko concertact as Natalia Strochan (piano), which is marked by noble musical style. The atmosphere of the concert embodies Kobzarev spirit of national unity, liberation, update says. This spirit has imbued audience presentation of concerts in Kiev House Actor (05/14/14) and Rivne Philharmonic Organ Hall (206.06.14). The highlight of the spring tour 2015 (Chernivtsi, Coloma, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, stone ’ Kamyanets-Podolsky, Hawtin, Khmelnitsky) will be a great musical and literary evening « Violin kind of tree » in Kiev Philharmonic Hall birthday Shevchenko involving the People's Artist of Ukraine AnatoliyPalamarenko. Concertmaster – awardee Strochan Natalia (piano). Author and Project Manager – violinist, composer and teacher Cyril Stecenko played over two thousand solo concerts in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and the countries of Central Asia. As ensembleconcerts with violinist Oleg Bogodar and Kotorovych, Oleg and Bogdan Kris, flutist A. Kudryashov and A. Kogan, pianist Vladimir Vinnitsa, E. Rzhanov, V. Novikov, M. Kravchenko Derenivskoyu N., S. Skrynchenkom, K. Vilna , N. and R. Strochan Lysenko. He has toured with ensembles « Harmony & raquo ;, « Stetsenka Trio & raquo ;, « Miracle » and « Blues Brothers & raquo ;. However, recent work performed Own « Easy kolomyiky » in celebrations dedicated to the visit to Ukraine by US President Bill Clinton in 2000. He participated in international festivals « Gogol Fest & raquo ;, « Ukrainian Christmas & raquo ;, « Sonor Continuus » (Kyiv), « Karpthou art » (Ivano-Frankivsk), « Bach Fest » (MSA), « Pepsi Siget » (Budapest). Violinist develops creative principles of outstanding artists and teachers Kotorovych B., L. Kogan, V. Klimov, Y. Yankelevich, V. Stetsenka – their teachers in Kiev and Moscow Conservatory. Bright scenic artist temperament, novelty inykonavskyh techniques and conceptual elegance of his interpretations create high spiritual energy voltage generating atmosphere of the violin miracle. Told