In the Transcarpathian region of Svoboda fighting illegal logging

25 and February 26, 2015 by svobodovtsev Irshavsk and Hust areas involving UGAI area made a raid on the Prevention of illegal logging in Transcarpathia. It was tested for legality cutting, transportation and sale of wood. Finally, z'yasuvalos that almost all the wood is transported in violation of applicable laws. More than half of the available lisomateriyalu transported without supporting documents, that it was stolen. Approximately 40% of this wood, not framed properly, that is no bar code. As a result, some wood under the securities transported several times, USCIlka some uses barcodes many times. &Quot; Approximately 30-50% of wood transported as firewood, but length of 4-7 meters. However, wood that has a length of over 2 meters - is industrial raw materials. Thus, state forestry cheats and steals with 500 to 2,000 hryvnias per cubic meter lisomatriyaliv & quot ;, - reported spivorhanizator raid svobodivets Vitaly Rishko. Within hours patrolling two cars were sent to the penalty box. These are the trucks that had no supporting documents other than the currency that serves as an alternative documents. &Quot; We believe that each vehicle can be fined between $ 1700 to 2400hrdistrict, but there were dozens of drivers warning. For one day inspection concludes that do not have much in the penalty area, which could be deployed all trucks carrying wood in violation of the law. Thanks to our forestry area beautiful region has the opportunity to leave only in our memories and history. Wewill continue to carry out raids in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs staff to prevent illegal cutting down of the forest. I would like to respond police not only appear if next activists PA " Freedom & quot ;, but doing their professional work always & quot ;, - the head of Khust District of PA " Freedom "Vitaly Rishko. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "