In Chernivtsi Region 2 fire rescuers eliminated

February 26 morning around 7:00 there was a fire in the street Molodiyivskiy in Chernivtsi, where burned outbuildings. At the scene were sent to another guard rescuers Fire and Rescue Protection of 2 Pershotravnevy area. They succeeded for a short time to locateand eliminate fire. Thanks to the actions of firefighters building was saved from the fire. During a fire had broken cover outbuildings. Another fire in Chernivtsi occurred in a residential house on the street. Kolomyia morning 27 February. Fire occurred in the attic. The fire was liquidated and rescuers not been distributedof flame ’ i. The fire damaged household goods. In both cases, the cause of fire was short circuit. Press Service of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region