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"Bach Marathon": Lviv tram will run in which music is recorded Bach

Lions attached to the worldwide initiative Bach in the Subways. March 21 Lviv Philharmonic Organ Hall, Potocki Palace will host the "Bach Marathon" - 24 hour live performance works of the famous composer. Ukraine will be a record. The press-sluzhba LCC. &Laquo; Bach Marathon » Lviv will contribute to global cultural and social initiative – largest one in the history of classical music, which will be held on the birthday of Bach and intended to convey the composer's immortal creation to the largest possible audience. On this day, the works of JS Bach sound of coffees ’ yarnyah, restoranah, hotels and other public places of the city. And on Monday, March 2, city streets will run unusual tram, which will sound music composer, inviting lions ’ Yang and guests attend the event worldwide – &Laquo; Bach Marathon & raquo ;. In order to strengthen cultural and educational component of the event, formingI intellectual and artistic identity of young musicians, identify and support talented youth within the « Bach Marathon » will be held festival-contest them. Bach among junior art education in the city and region. Help. March 21 – Birthday legendary composer Johann Sebastyato Bach. On this day the whole world about ’ unites in celebrating the remarkable date – 330 anniversary of the birth of genius music. Told