Bukovina inspectors detained fraudster

fraud victim was 80-year-old resident of the village Korytn? Vyzhnytsky area. The son of the victim told police that unknown person signing the confidence of his mother, took possession of her money in the amount of UAH 2000. Subsequently, ’ it turned out that the scheme worked, used by criminalstelling citizens that, though, some of the family got into trouble and need money to « to resolve issues & raquo ;. Currently concerned granddaughter grandmother. Deceived and sweetly old swindler gave UAH 2000, pending on « rainy day & raquo ;. Learning of this scam, the son immediately called the police, notingand that the attacker was getting a taxi. Operational information made it possible to work efficiently and law enforcement Vyzhnytsky District Police. Within 20 minutes after receiving the traffic police department Employees Vyzhnytsky area in the village Chornohuzy stopped the car with a taxi. His passenger, 24-year-old resident of the village of Ispas and was develshukuvanoyu person. Fraud amount won man tried to hide under the cover seat on which he sat. Law enforcement officers seized money, part of which has already people use, rozrahuvavshys with the taxi driver. It is known that Bukovynets previously held criminally liable for committing robbery. He served 4 years in prison etc.and in the summer of last year, resigned. Currently investigating the actions of the attacker qualify for the crime provided for part 1 Art.190 (fraud) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Moons threatened penalty of restriction of liberty for up to three years. Reference General government called ’ bonds Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region draws attention to fatted when fraudsters are different ways to cheat and steal money from you. 1. Telephone scammers The most common are the so-called « telephone fraud & raquo ;. When people call and reported that her relative or friend in trouble or situation that requires a certain amount of money. Often presented and police. Not checking the information Bukovina give or transfer huge amounts of money unknown, hoping that it will help to resolve the situation in which seemingly vtrapyly their relatives. Subsequently, ’ yasovuyetsya that the family is OK, but lost money, and who possessed them – unknown. Usually attackers immediately removed from the bank cardmeans that forward victim concerned at what they are usually outside the area in different cities, and telephone numbers of which called, are disabled. To protect themselves from such situations should primarily call to someone you supposedly just talking, or about someone mentioned in a conversation and make sure that it isright. 2. Calls on the banks of workers or social services Another type of phone fraud is alleged calls from bank employees or social services who call to help increase your credit limit or transfer the received funds to your account. No one in any case do not tell your PIN number, additional questions for lossPIN or other personal data that are available only to you. If you really call from a particular institution, they must be aware of your personal data. 3. Fraud on the Internet Citizens are placed on pages related website purchase / sale of certain goods. Also indicate your mobile phoneONU. Rascal call, it is the buyer and pay for the product offers cashless payment. Seller usually refers to the number of your card account. After a while he calls the person who submitted the bank employee and reports that confirm transfer money to go to the ATM and take a numberoperations. Add ’ Yatai! These bank employees, under no circumstances will not request your personal data, secret codes or other information that comes in the form of SMS messages. Being near the ATM, be sure to check the menu and look for actions that you perform. As is usually the victims personally engaged transaz own funds to the scammers oblivious to ongoing operations. In addition, attackers can often pretend sellers. When you want to buy something, then unscrupulous people insist that you first told them the money for the goods. Typically, after conversion of money the seller relationship disappears as ads on web saithose. In addition, people often are deceiving when buying products online. Buyer transfers money, and orders him never comes. 4. Distributor ’ yutory of goods at half price Unscrupulous people under the guise of vendors offer buy « half price » defective goods. The scheme is simple. Man or woman turns to CoigueBut with passers-by and says that a representative known brand manufacturer. Chernivtsi – travel for return of the exhibition in Kiev. But the trouble: the way of the car is over gasoline and refuel no matter what. So now must sell products doroguschy almost nothing to get home. Or just say it balances out howymi the firm is not worth it and come back, and they were willing to give « good people » at cost. But in fact they are buying the cheapest products on the market such as dishes, appliances etc and try to sell them yaknaydorozhche Bukovina. Guardians again asked citizens to be careful and cautious! If you are in a similar fatted – do not delay, call « 102 & raquo ;. Your message will prompt police to respond quickly and apprehend crooks! Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Chernivtsi region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/