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In Vinnitsa region is the cycle of events "Shevchenko. The phenomenon of relevance "(+ photos)

recently, with the support of the Culture and Tourism in the RSA Regional Art Museum held a presentation of the art program" Shevchenko artist "with a series of events" Shevchenko. The phenomenon of urgency "to celebrate the 201 anniversary of the birth of Veliwhom the poet. The main purpose of the event was to highlight the artistic heritage of Shevchenko in the context of today. An appeal to the most expressive pages of creative artist biographies - periods of arrest to 1830-47rr., Exile 1847-57rr., And the last years of his life. Also in the event program was broadcast the film "Face Shevchenko Ukrainian history"Browsing and art analysis of individual works in videoslaydah. A striking addition to the art program was a story in English at the Art Gallery of pictorial essay on the grounds F.Konovalyuka poem of the same name "Catherine". This program gave visitors the opportunity not only to encounter the works of the famous artist, but also a means to understandInstead achievement that has defined the further development of fine art at key stages of its formation. It should be noted that in the early paintings - "Gypsy Fortune-Teller", "Mrs.", "The apiary" "Peasant Family" - a brilliant future poet clearly showed his talent as a painter, marked by the spirit of romanticism, deep penetration into the world of lJudah experiences that reveal the nature of his characters as internal psychological traits. Already there are subtle colorist his talent and unparalleled innovator in the perception and interpretation of images. Taras Shevchenko worked in various genres: domestic, landscape, historical. However, a special place in his artistic legacy posidais the portrait genre. The most expressive elegance and spirituality infused portraits of Anna Zakrevska, Basil Kochubei, Princess Keykuatovoyi. The writings of Taras Shevchenko - painter and graphic had a huge impact on all further development of fine arts in Ukraine. Like poetry Great Poet, his paintings and drawings given mohutniy impetus to the awakening of national consciousness - has become a leading Ukrainian theme for the next generation of national artists. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration