In the Lviv region rescuers saved the lives lost in the forest

February 26 at 15:16 in the forest area near the village. Komarne Turka district rescuers found unconscious man, born in 1948. A day earlier, around 23:00 grandfather left the house in the village. Zadilske Skole district and did not return. Experts Slavsk Search and Rescuegroup was missed during the day looking for near to. New Publication, p. Zadilske and. Mizhhir ’ I Turka district. Find unconscious poshukivtsyam grandfather managed to dinner. Lick was time for a minute, so rescuers immediately took to rescue Serdega and provided the necessary first aid. Man wrapped termoodiyalom to warm up. Once submittedhelp the victim regained consciousness. Rescuers handed barely living man with signs of hypothermia general physicians to provide further assistance.