Chernihiv Region: firefighters during fire suppression found the bodies of 2

citizens During the last day in Chernihiv during fires killed 2 people. February 26 at 00:35 in. Horodnia to the District Department of Management DSNS in Chernihiv Oblast received information about the fire house in the village. Politrudnya. After 10 minutes at the scenefirefighters were 4th State Fire and Rescue parts that are localized at 00:55 and at 2:50 the fire finally eliminated. During quenching rescuers found the body of 79-year-old owner. The fire partially destroyed and damaged roofing, flooring and lining the walls. During the investigation the causes and circumstances of the fire ’ yasuvamoose that home owner admitted negligence during smoking. At 6:59 to Rescue « 101 » Bobrovitskiy in the area was reported fire in a private house in the village. Branytsya. At the scene arrived promptly State Fire and Rescue unit of the district center. At that time the fire was covered living room etc.and partly veranda. Firefighters brought the fire at 07:30 and at 7:50 finally eliminated. The fire destroyed the roof, floors of the building 5 square. m. and veranda damaged household goods. When fighting a fire in densely smoky room rescuers found the body of 48-year-old owner. Probable cause of the tragedy served homemade electroheater. In connection ’ connection with this, the rescuers are turning the population to follow safety rules at home, follow appliances, heat and carefully extinguish cigarette butts and matches. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region