Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs Volyn described the main activities

during the regular session member consultative body approved work plan. Priorities of activists determined monitoring human rights in the internal affairs of Volyn. First of all the members of the Public Council were informed ChiefInspection personnel of the regional police department Andrew Obyortysheva of the rule of law, human and civil rights in the work of the police. Then head GR Anton Tsisaruk informed about the results of the monitoring of human rights performance by police Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region on the results of visasytu in Lutsk and Kovel CF: - Serious violations we found, but the results will be compiled inspection acts, we will send The police. As part of the national preventive mechanism will further ensured participation of members of the Public Council for visits to places of unfreedom. In addition, we should promote education curricula inhuman rights committed by state and local governments, public associations. One method is to conduct workshops in the field of education, which will take place in the near future. Secretariat of the Public Council