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Uzhgorod rescuers in the village. Baranyntsi taught children and adults to create fires

February 25 adults and young residents of the village. Baranyntsi Uzhgorod district met with rescuers to find out more information about fire safety. Preventive working in the village had a staff of Uzhgorod city district department MANAGEMENTtion DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. For one day with roses ’ yasnyuvalnymy conversations are covered by local governments, educational institutions and private dvorohospodarstva Baranyntsi. First indoors village council meeting was held with the participation of the Chief NRA Uzhgorod in DSNS Vitali Ilnytsky and Baranynskoho village head ureExposure Marusyak which dedicated spring-summer fire season. In particular, the problem addressed burning dry grass and bushes, careless handling of fire and others. Then turn rescuers attended secondary school Baranynsku century. and the local kindergarten, which in simple terms told the kids the basic rules of fire safety and tsyvyl protection. Also, kids reminded procedure in detecting explosive objects and advised at the first sign of life threatening calls to emergency services « 101 & raquo ;. In addition, children warned of mischief with fire, which can lead to devastating fires. Outside, students were able to look around and try on a fire engineover gear firefighters. Finally DSNS navidalysya workers to private dvorohospodarstv with. Baranyntsi to spend Rose ’ yasnyuvalni conversations with local people. Most attention was paid to meeting with many children and disadvantaged Seven ’ ditches and families in homes which recently occurred fire. People toldand rules of fire safety in the home and handed out leaflets for better absorption heard information. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region