Rescuers trained in potentially dangerous object ME "Vinnytsyavodokanal"

February 24 Vinnytsia rescuers in collaboration with other rescue services the city conducted tactical exercises on chemically dangerous about ’ site of CP « Vinnytsyavodokanal & raquo ;. Studies conducted in order to develop cohesionAction and fire-rescue department and company personnel with the threat of an emergency release of chlorine, check the state of readiness of personnel for tasks. Opened command post exercise Deputy Head of Vinnytsia Oblast State Administration Basil the industry. The exercises of Security Management UkRaina in Vinnitsa region received information that in the production base utility company « Vinnytsyaoblvodokanal » armed terrorist group seized the building of warehouses expenditure chlorine, which at the time of capture was working staff. Operational activities Security Service of Ukraine terrorist group were explosivesnow, but the attackers were given an explosive device and made undermining containers with liquid chlorine. The explosion spewed container one ton of chlorine into the environment. Simultaneously, another was damaged container of chlorine (also 1 ton capacity), which began to flow chemically dangerous substance. As a result of the release of chlorine increated the original cloud, which was distributed by sector. According to « Cable & raquo ;, in the zone of possible chemical contamination were homes and businesses, people and change working a total of more than 1,000 people. During the exercises, rescuers worked conditional origin of chemical and dangerous situation with zoningplace of emergency measures, dressing PPE exploration and sampling. During the exercises held demonstration of chemical and radiological laboratory on the organization of work on laboratory tests of individual and collective protection. Similar studies on chemically of the danger toabout ically safe ’ site of conducted continuously to improve the practical actions of rescuers, training in the rescue and other emergency operations. HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region