In Vinnitsa region 127 residents entrusted his property and tranquility of the State Service

3avershylas nationwide social action "Flat custody of 2015", conducted by the Office of the State Guard Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region. Actions of this format are held annually and save hefty costs for citizens who trusttheir property secure protection. Difficult situation in the country and increase in thefts and robberies associated with the penetration of accommodation contributed to early action. The action therefore social, saving ordinary people. Practice shows that people who used the services during the action does not abandon cooperation for years. Employees UDSO was carried out in relation to getting acquainted with Spector services the State Security Service. Citizens interested in conversation many things: the cost of connection, equipment, time of arrival to wear, because peace and stability for many Priority concept, especially when it comes to our homes. So many calls daily reportedInca and the result of the work 127 apartments connected to the remote centralized protection. The easiest and most effective protection - put the flat panel protection to the State Security Service. Every citizen can get more information or to order services the State Security Service, by contacting the territorialSSS unit or by calling the desk Rooms 0800502220, 0800211 000. All landline calls within Ukraine. In Vinnitsa please contact: Lane. Rail, 6, tel: (0432) 27-54-18 and (067) 433-11-33. UDSO at MIA Ukraine in Vinnitsa region