In the Zhytomyr region on fire firefighters found the body of a man

Two fire that emerged last day in Zhytomyr, registered in Olevsk area. Unfortunately, one of them ended tragically – death. February 24th at 14:49 to the rescue of the 17th State Fire and Rescue downtown Olevsk was reported firesin a tree ’ Yan house located in the village Hochyno. To rescue « 101 » neighbor called the owner of the burning home. Last saw the flame ’ I shows under the roof of the house. Upon arrival firefighters guard next to a place call the roof was already engulfed in flame ’ and I fell in the middlein housing. During fire suppression in one of the rooms of the house firefighters found the body of a man bezdyhane. On ’ it turned out that it was 35-year-old owner of the house. According to villagers, the man abused alcohol. That night also saw him drunk. Through skillful actions nadzvychaynykiv at 15:40 the fire was able to localize andat 17:25 – completely eliminated. As a result of the events fire destroyed the roof and household goods. Overall rescuers prevented the complete destruction of the house. All the circumstances of the event currently set specialists. Another message was sent to rescue Olevsk out with. Koroschyno, which also burned trees ’ plates and house. Firefighters quickly tamed pollm ’ I am not allowing complete destruction of the building. As a result, destroyed trees ’ Jan extension and 2 m2 roof. What happened fire – from ’ yasovuyetsya. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region