In the Zhytomyr region rescuers carry fire-prevention testing a number of settlements

In order to reduce the dead and injured in the fires, and the number of fires rescuers themselves together with the concerned authorities conducted a comprehensive fire-preventive testing Kyrdanivskoyi village council Ovruchsky area. Aboutdriving west on the territory of the village council primarily caused by the fact that recently occurred in the village Kyrdany disaster – a fire in a private house, 3 people died. The first stage of the event was instructive meeting for the media and officials that took place in a village council. In the ECSvolume Ovruchsky opening remarks, Chief District Department DSNS Ukraine Serhiy Timoshenko proved to present general statistics fires and deaths, measures taken to reduce their number and plan for testing and basic tasks. With officials created several groups and their participation survey conducted feesI dwelling houses of villagers Kyrdany, Oak Grove and Korchivka. Checking passed through predefined lists of addresses of families that raise attention. In this category were seven large families ’ th, lonely pensioners, unreliable person. Each of the owners were given safety monuments, which shows the main shortcomings that allowedduring installation and operation of electrical and furnace heating. Also during the raid emphasized the careful use of fire and prevention of fires through childish pranks. In addition to conducting interviews prevention experts examined the state of the mains and showed « bugs » (Makeshift fuses in supply). One of the plannedx phases were working visit to kindergarten, where, in addition to required ’ compulsory Rose ’ yasnyuvalnoyi work with children also held a quiz game on the knowledge of life safety. A local school reydari conducted with students a lecture on safety regulations, above all, the need to comply with fire safety regulations at „ hot ” examples - children were shown a film about 6 tyhvylynne burning apartment. Also extraordinary informed children about the tragic consequences of unauthorized disassembly and moving explosive devices. &Laquo; Such preventive measures are important because experience shows they are daunting opinion. Aboutdnochasno workers DSNS provided practical assistance to individual segments of the population to correct deficiencies affecting fire safety Housing & raquo ;, - said interim Duty ’ yazky Head of DSNS in Basil Kuchyn. Comprehensive testing settlements Zhytomyr will continue. Byto long-term analyzes of such measures, they always have a very positive result. In fact, after visiting specialists farmers more often think about the danger, which bears the fire element and try to at least partially implement the recommendations of employees of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in everyday life In DCNA in Zhytomyr region