John Krysak: "Our goal is to provide social support for low-income citizens"

for providing benefits in 2014 local budgets provided 176.7 million. UAH. During the year given preferential service to USD 148.4 million, which is 10.1 million USD more than 2013 year. Funded 169.4 million USD (including 24.9 million USD for repayment of debt over the years). Told Director of Social Welfare RSA Vadim Boyarsky during the board meeting of the Administration, held on 25 February. He noted that the system of privileges is categorical, that privilege is granted for persons belonging to a particular katehOria citizens and independent of income or financial status of beneficiary or his family. "This system covers almost a third of Ternopil. Thus, when 1 million 70 thousand people available in the beginning of 2015, registered a single automated register of persons entitled to benefits were more than 304 000 beneficiaries,which is 7.2 thousand less than at the beginning of last year - continued Director of Social Welfare RSA. - Most of these individuals simultaneously entitled to benefits under several laws, that they found a few privileged status, namely - more than 555 thousand. " So the status of war veterans and similar entities as of January 1had 49.6 thousand people, veterans of labor - 62,4 thousand children of war - over 114 thousand, old age pensioners - more than 200 thousand victims of the Chernobyl disaster - more than 38 thousand people, large families and children from large families - more than 40 thousand. According to Vadim Boyarsky, most of privileges for housing and communal services - 105.1million, compensation for price reductions of certain categories of citizens - 30.9 million, incentives for the purchase of solid fuel and liquefied gas - 5.4 million, to the use of communication services - 5.1 million, the other benefits provided by law - 1.9 million. "In a gradual reduction in energy prices to economically groundedDATA indicators, which in turn leads to an increase in tariffs for housing and communal services, one of the main tasks of the state and the government is to provide social support for low income people - namely, reducing their costs for housing and communal services - said Acting Chairman of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan ChrisAc. - Methods such support is to provide benefits, housing subsidies and compensation specified categories of persons. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

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