Publishing house "Knowledge" book series created to help learn English

For those learning English, was a series of books, which allows to consolidate their knowledge by reading the original English and American classics, prior knowledge of the Ukrainian translation. Now, to develop such a pair of guidesexercises. One of a series of publications "English Library" publishing "Knowledge" This is the chief editor of the state publishing « Knowledge » Myron Ivanyk. A series of English Library ’ appeared half years ago. During this time the world took more than ten books of classic English and American Literature Ukrainian and English. This works by Jack London, and O. Henry and Oscar Wald, and Edgar Allan Poe, and F. Scott Fidzheralda. It is expected that this year will join the list of Henry James, Jane Austen, Chesterson Gilbert, Robert Stevenson and others. Books and language Ukrainian translation have the same cover. Pages in both editions are the same, giving zmogu reader acquainted with Ukrainian translation to later be able to better understand the original text. According to Myron Ivanyk, Ukrainian version of this kind of crib. &Laquo; man who teaches self-English text read a Ukrainian and knowing the fabric of a literary work, be able to read the text in the original. Sothe reader can understand the structure of phrases and then understand sentence construction & raquo ;, – said the chief editor of the publishing house. To pair Books « An American Carol » have created a tutorial, by which Associate Professor of Foreign Languages ??Khmelnytsky National University, Candidate of Philology Natalia BidasUK. The plans of publishing similar benefits to each book. &Laquo; Offering tens of people write a guide, one person believed that this should be done. This author believed that it could be useful & raquo ;, – said the chief editor. Myron Ivanyk said that the selection of the works included in the series are extremely picky.The main requirement – to works were original to them not adaptovuvaly for a foreign reader. Translation of books also performed specifically for the series. According to the chief editor of the publishing house due to the small format books can be read everywhere in the bus, subway, when traveling. Due to the low price and publications are available to students who are preparingto testing, and students who are learning English. &Laquo; good English tutor in Lviv is $ 5, and in Kiev – from $ 15. The man who decided on their own to teach English for the money can buy several sets of books. For a man may be an auxiliary tool for language learning & raquo ;, – Myron said Ivanyk. BiMr. added that sales Ukrainian and English versions are almost identical. &Laquo; sold thousands of books. This means that people believe in our « adventure » and believe that our series will learn English & raquo ;, – he added. Told