Luck: Children's Library 2 invited its youngest users literary chamber "At the banquet Lesia"

Traditionally anniversary of the birth of Lesya Ukrainian Children's Library 2 invited its youngest users literary chamber "Lesia the banquet." Young readers first discovered the poetic word famous compatriot, Lakenayomylysya pages of her life and work. Volyn Lesya Ukrainian roads children held librarian Svetlana Ostapyuk, unaochnyvshy their slide show. Active korystuvachka library Jana Ivashchuk prepared for the real solo poetry "Moonlight Legend" and "Lullaby" and Yasya Barabbas in the form of small Lesya recited her first poem "Abovetion. " Actively participating in the festival and guests: Lobko Angelina, Stryzheus Oleg Fyschuk Vick and Davydyuk Bohdanka read children's poems Ukrainian Lesia, who studied with their parents. Children also watched a cartoon based on the fairy tale "Trouble teach" and got acquainted with a selection of books illustrated Volyn artist Valentina Michalski. "Lights onorya her poetry over the edge. " Under this title was held themed evening at the library branch-adult 4. About Lesia Ukrainian students attend the event Volyn Regional Lyceum intensive military and physical training, said the poet, novelist, journalist Basil Hey. Enthusiastically students listened to the works of Basil Gay devoted a great poet,in copyright enforcement. Vasily Stepanovich willing to answer questions, all interested persons have purchased the book autographed by the poet. Library staff showed a slide show "Before the Ukrainian Lesia portrait", a presentation of the book exhibition "She has to go to future ages." Literary journey "Clean ray Lesyni words" prepared WORKERivnyky sector services for children Lutsk city central library for adults for the youngest library users, students of secondary school 17. In literary journey life and career of the famous Ukrainian writer took the audience librarian service department Irina Hulyuk. Children read poetry Ukrainian Lesia fromhaduvaly crosswords, revised excerpt from a fairy tale "Trouble teach." Hour literary portrait of "High light name and the word" held in the library-branch 5. Present at the event library users disciples comprehensive school 22, reviewed the book exhibition "Thou shalt always with us, Les," which shows the literature on the life and career wPole glorious compatriot. Lesya Ukrainian poetry reading Marian Haibo, Catherine Morozyuk Irina Nekraschuk, Jan Cherniak, Elena Yevpak. Learn patience, faith, love and hope in Lesya urged those present teacher school 22 Tatyana Paradovska. " Department of Culture (720 447) This was reported in Lutsk City Council