In Khmelnytsky 22-year-old killer lonely pensioners sentenced to life imprisonment

local victims "Raskolnikov" were two resident Kamenetz-Podolsk 1939 and 1946 birth. Women strangled in their own homes and then robbed. Moreover, as shown by the place where, the analysis method to commit and action sequences killer evilvmysnyk was a crime of specific intent - to kill the victim and only rob expecting vulnerability of this category of single people. The killings occurred in July last year intervals a little over two weeks and had similar handwriting. Police conducted a series of investigative measures interviewed all possible witnesses and glAli sketch, which, incidentally, is almost completely coincided with a picture of the suspect. During the investigation detectives suspect was 22-year-old resident of Kamenetz-Podolsk, which led quite specific way of life - never studied, had a permanent job, but instead liked to live, as they say, in a big way. Pravoohorontsi quickly gathered enough evidence that showed the boy involvement in the killings, and declared he suspected. As it turned out during the investigation, the boy carefully prepared to commit crimes - he vidshukuvav their victims through friends or ads in newspapers about delivery rooms. The hostess was sure to be elderly and lonely. The guy came to them in the guise of a student who is looking for housing. Moon tried to touch grandmothers and make sure that they invited him to the house. As soon as she crossed the threshold of the house, returning back to the attacker, he carried out the attack. The first victim strangled with his hands, in the second case took an electric cable. Calmlydisposing of helpless pensioner, he robbed their homes. Not ashamed to even take off gold jewelry and dead bodies. Jewelry handed in pawn shops and the money spent on their own needs. In particular, the first purchase after the first murder was expensive mobile phone. Explain the reasons for their actions guy could not, vypravdovuyuchys that he himself does not know why he did it. Kamenetz-Podolsk City Court examined the materials of the proceedings and declared a suspect guilty of the crimes set pp 6, 13 ch. 2, Art. 115 "Murder" and ch. 4. 187 "Robbery" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced him to life imprisonment. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in hopsnytskiy area