Chernihiv region, district personnel and specialized civil protection actions worked with the emergency section of high pressure gas pipeline

February 24 near the village. Hnidyntsi Varva district held training on the emergency section of pipeline pressure « Hnidyntsi-Priluky ». These forces were involved in the management and the Department of Civil Protection and Defense of Administration, Office of DSNS in Chernihiv oblast state administration Varva, specialized services energy control, law enforcement, disaster medicine and Hnidyntsivskoho gas processing plant. For the purpose of the event was to determine Reactivetal preparedness personnel of storage, processing and transportation of flammable liquids and gases to respond to possible emergencies. For tactical plan exercises near the village. Hnidyntsi due to unknown people tampering occurred depressurization high pressure gas pipeline, followed by an explosion and ignition gas vyhodit pressure of the pipeline. Two persons patrolling, injured. To place a conventional emergency units arrived State Service Management of Emergencies, specialized service hazoryatuvalna gas processing plant, district energy control service, law enforcement and disaster medicine. Latest provided assisgu victims and sent them to the hospital. Firefighters and hazoryatuvalnyky had a set of measures to extinguish the fire and the damaged pipe installation of special valves. During the exercises conducted off-site meeting of the commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies, staff worked with leadership headed tosuppliers Regional Office DSNS Colonel Civil Protection Igor Fedorenko. Measures that were worked out during exercise showed that civil protection area are ready to perform the tasks. We are able to respond to possible emergencies, but such better measures will only educati ymi - noted andFedorenko mountains. Management DSNS in Chernihiv region