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Polish and German Helm Lippe joined the list of Partner Lutsk in 2014.

The mayor, reporting on achievements in international cooperation and development activity in Lutsk, noted that the list of Partner Lutsk last year completed the Chelm (Poland), Lippe ( Germany) this - Bandirma (Turkey). Currently working with 16 Luckcities from 9 countries. Were received and utilized international EU technical assistance amounting 723 thousand. Euro. Successfully implemented 8 grant projects. It is planned in 2015 to engage in the city budget to 20 million. "Because of the situation in our country - the war in the East was canceled in entertainment and promotional events, and funds wereaimed at helping participants simyam ATO "- said Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. And yet in place festivals realized a number of projects. Important in the cultural life of the city is part of Lutsk Program "Intercultural Cities", which is part of a common strategic initiative of the Council of Europe and Ukraine. In the tourism industry within marked a noticeabl585-identification anniversary meeting of European monarchs Lutsk exhibited international exhibition of Lithuanian artist A. Slapshysa "The rulers and prominent figures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania". In 2014 continued expansion of international cultural tourism project "The Way Gediminians": the project joined city Ukmerge (Lithuania) and CuTNA Hora (Czech Republic). Thus "The way Gediminians" unites 21 participants from five countries. This was reported in Lutsk City Council