Chernihiv military hospital until everything is necessary, but not redundant reserves are

as of February 23 in Chernihiv military hospital treated 107 participants in anti-terrorist operations. This at a regular press conference of the Single Volunteer Centre Volunteer Catherine Dorohina reported. It should be noted that in Chernihivmo on treatment are defenders from different regions of Ukraine. It is paramount necessity unloading hospitals, located directly at the ATO area. Fortunately, in the hospital in serious condition fighters there, but some - are extremely complex fractures and burns. In the event that injured is fully equipped. And it is worth notingin many front operations and rehabilitation, and this requires considerable resources. Also, your health fighters update the regional and neuropsychiatric hospitals, 2 and 35 people respectively. The medical establishment is 21 MIA soldier from the area ATO. Preparations for the hospital comes from Georgia. Yet there is a need for antiviral medicinesand update the device ECG. Were presented by the Single volunteer center and about at what stage is now settled avtolaznyu. She was transferred to another 15 fighters January. The owner left back 20 thousand UAH. Particular emphasis during communication with media volunteers still standing on the indifference and patriotism inUkrainians. - The phone has to charge three times a day. Do not have time to take calls from wanting to help. Yes, I want to ask not tear shake hands wounded the day of their return. You must give them a little bit to calm down and realize that they are in a safe place - Mrs. Dorohina. On strengthening active citizenship showand the results of the first stage of the fourth wave of mobilization. As noted in the official acting comments Head Sergey Zhurmana, Chernihiv executed plan of the General Staff on personnel by 98%. Actively promoted patriotism and the city's streets. Evidence of this is quite common thematic PSAs underprepared in the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. Influenced by recent developments, such as the tragic case Repkinsky school, during a press conference head of media cooperation with the Department of Information and communication with the public RSA Valery Sorokin emphasized the need for careful handling of objects that ledzeni east of the country. It should be remembered that the weapon is not a souvenir. Department of Information and Communication of the State Administration