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YuniorBank helps develop students Ostrozki

Neperedodni in Ostrog SPC "School I-III - high school" held military-patriotic festival "The army - rivnyays!". It was attended by students grades 9-11 - owners' cards juniors. " At the end of the feast was held the football match between the participants of the competition, the winners of which really waitingand a pleasant surprise and need - from YuniorBanku football shape. "We gladly responded to the initiative of school to support a patriotic holiday. For each student must be a patriot, in addition also financially educated. On the occasion of the festive event each participant was given a real bank card - a "map Juniors", which pupils anthemAsia can learn the basics of financial literacy in future training programs designed YuniorBankom. - Says head of YuniorBank Northwest Regional Management Privat Galina Shemetylo. - From "card Juniors' child learns to use banking services, as well as pocket money wisely manage. In turn, parents can be quiet for the safety of the child's money, as allocated to it will be securely stored in the "electronic wallet". It's nice that our children gifts have added a lot of positive emotions and will ensure their development. " Presentation of fitness was a surprise for students and school became final decorationth football competition. Pupils are extremely pleased this new thing, and are already preparing for the next sporting achievements, because a true fit and easier to fight for victory. According to the deputy Ostrog SPC "School I-III - high school" the educational work of Tatiana Abramovich: "A gift is really good and necessary, as it enablesThe pupils in adequately represent their school in sports at the city level. In addition, Privat prepared another nice and useful gift for the institution - Ostrog gymnasium received from the bank a printer that will be used to improve the learning process school. " Education Program YuniorBank started in 2009 in acountry. Today Yuniorbank working in Ukraine and Latvia, bringing together more than 500 000 students. The project Privat not only provides free practical training of financial services for children and adolescents, but also supports the sports movement and healthy lifestyle program students. To become a member, simply hearthyou an order online