In Zhytomyr YTD police from the poachers during illegal hunting rifles 8

for two months in 2015 to administrative responsibility for violation of hunting brought against 42 people, while 3 facts poaching started criminal proceedings. In offenders seized firearms hladkostvol 8 unitsnoyi and rifle. Two recent cases of poaching cynical Zhytomyr region and Korostensky district police recorded in the second half of February. As a result of illegal actions polyuvalnykiv losyha and killed deer, both of unborn calves. As the Chief of the permit system governing the publicher security AMIA Alexander Hospodarchuk on the scene police called hunters, which are found in the forest of dead animals. - We went to the feeding troughs for animals when they heard a shot nearby - says direct participant in the events in Zhytomyr region Vitaly. - Immediately ran in that direction, but no one was caught. Later in the steps youwent to the lodge where noticed two suspicious men. Another 200 meters was discovered corpse female moose. How do I find police arrived, arrested men are residents of the regional center, but both of his involvement in poaching categorically denied. Today the specified fact initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 248 (illegalis hunting) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, in which for a number of examinations, including on balls and found the weapons. Already a few days a similar incident occurred in Korosten area where the hands of poachers killed deer. During the study, in the body of an animal found two young embryos. Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ryerschyny George Swan said the police together with employees Environmental Inspectorate, Forestry and Hunting and holders of hunting grounds regularly conduct preventive raids in the region in order to prevent, detect and prevent cases of illegal hunting. Based on the results to administrative responsibility for seasonshennya the rules and restrictions of the beginning of the year has brought against 42 people, seized 8 units of hunting weapons. So once again warn police, now in the region hunting is allowed only on the fur-bearing animals in the allotted time and in some hunting grounds. Any other actions - poaching and therefore punishable acti. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region