Volyn region, Lutsk rescuers conducted a comprehensive study involving all city services, civil defense

February 23 in Lutsk in the territory of SCE « & raquo ;, Lutskteplo on the street Zahorodniy, staff management DSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region organized a comprehensive training to check readiness management andLutsk territorial forces subsystem unified state civil defense system Ukraine to act in case of emergency situation at about ’ yektah infrastructure. For tactical plan exercises due to depressurization of flange ’ union gas pipe pipeline medium pressure gas explosion came from the followingfire in the boiler room about ’ facility. The explosion damaged the boiler, destroyed part of the wall and ceiling damaged buildings, injured 3 people and there was fire the boiler control board. Manager about ’ facility sent to the scene for rescue link « Lutskteplo » and informed service « & raquo ;, 101 PAT&Laquo; & raquo ;, Volynoblenergo PAT « Volynhaz & raquo ;. On their arrival began to remove the emergency. During their performance DSNS workers rescued a victim and handed it to the hands of physicians, two more left on their own premises, and to find others who might be under the rubble concrete structuressecond, where the conditional accident sent a rescue rescue of ARZ SP UDSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region, technology « Lutskvodokanalu & raquo ;. Using pneumatic and hydraulic tools pillows rescuers demolition debris organized and conducted rescue the victim. After the trainings conductedasidannya Staff of the emergency, which summed up the tasks of leaders on rescue techniques and comprehensive support heating. To exercise involved 48 people and 11 vehicles. Based on the results have been spent not only organizational issues, but also tested the readiness of government forces civilprotection for regional center to perform assigned tasks in case of a real emergency. In DSNS in Volyn region

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