Vakarchuk: Ukrainian - is someone who feels a Ukrainian soul, and never forget about it

The leader of the band "Okean Elzy" Sviatoslav Vakarchuk told someone says Ukrainian true. Sviatoslav Vakarchuk. Photo: In interviews ’ S magazine Ukrainian Chicago, he said that Ukrainian – This is not the one who lives in Kiev, Lviv and Kharkiv. Andone who feels Ukrainian soul, and never forget about it, writes VIDIA. &Laquo; basically, and I think the Ukrainian Diaspora have to accept it seriously that all Ukrainian must move from a paradigm in which the nation is somewhat geographically, to the paradigm in which the nation is something spiritual. I will give an example. Jews all over the world live in different countries,??? lived so many years and only recently got their own state. But they always knew they were Jews. They are about ’ yednuvala Book – Old Testament or Torah, as they say. That's what made them all similar in spirit. Always closeness they felt wherever live & raquo ;, – said the singer. Vakarchuk said: Ukrainian must be understoodand that they are about ’ united not by where land born and values ??professed. Recall, February 25, the band starts with charity performances in the United States. In particular, some charity concert will take place in Chicago and absolutely Charity – in San Francisco. Told