In Lutsk Nicholas Romaniuk municipal instructed his wife to take action against those who burn debris

at the working meeting director of "Center of administrative services in Lutsk" Larissa Karp'yak informed about the treatment of citizens received a rapid response team "15 -80 "from 9 to 22 February. She noted that forreporting period to the City Council received 604 phone addresses on average - 43 per day. A considerable part of them, namely 185 - Information and consultative. Dominated with the total number of complaints about the provision of quality services to housing and utilities sector of the city - 152 treatment is 25% of the total.At the same time it should be noted that compared to the same period last year, the number of applications declined slightly (167th in 2014), in particular to the HCS-2 received 13 reports; HCS-3 - 24; HCS-7 - 18; Housing office, HBC 8 - 30; HCS-11 - 9; Ltd. "M.ZH.K." - 42. Among the calls that would like to note are: message abyss on Footin the pavement on the street. Shevchenko (at the traffic light in front of the shop "Our Land"), please switch to repair the wooden Renaissance Prospect, 32 (from school number 22 to Children's Hospital), clean out Chopin (cleaning technique passes only one part of the road, the other remains hulls) , eliminate garbage dump on the corner of Lvovskaya - Stanislavsky (about Enterprise "Step-Bud"). 24 applications (21%) were related to the lack of electricity in homes and apartments, which were caused as planned shutdown, and emergency (phone calls from residents of the street. Kravchuk, 2, 4, Gordiyuk, 37, 39, Shevchenko, 9, cherished, 2; Nalivayko, 10). All the problems were promptlyaddressed at employees of the City branch of JSC "Volynoblenergo." 28 complaints were received regarding the restoration of street lighting and adjoining areas. In street lighting control are at the following locations: Korotchenko, 20-22; Trade union, 18; Hearne 2. 27 calls were related activity ME "Lutskvodokanal", of which 6 messagesLaziness gusts of water supply in the streets of Rivne, 25; 78; Dubno, 61b; Heroes of UPA angle Vyshkivs'kyi Avenue and Renaissance, 30. 1 Cleaning appeal concerns the external sewerage network on the street. Artseulov, 3. 17 February due to interruptions in the power supply system has been reduced pressure Dubnovsky pumping station, resulting in IUquarterdeck much of the city in the morning left without water. Currently there are no appeals under control. Addressed SCE "Lutskteplo" was directed 15 hits. 2 posts concerned boiler stops on the avenue of Unification, 22 and 24 caused by the conduct emergency repairs. February 12 in connection with the replacement of valves in heating chamberboiler was stopped on the street. Voronikhin, 15. There were also complaints about insufficient parameters of heating and hot water in homes (Collegiality, 20/85, 37b / 112, 164; Young, 13/31, Rivne, 3a / 5, King James Version, 20/7). 10 telephone complaints received through the stop elevators in residential buildings. Calls received at the following links: Kravchuk, 1 / 1pid .; Gordiyuk, 35 / 3pid .; Young, 11 / 4pid .; Pisarevsky 4 / 1pid .; Collegiality, 37/4 in. Currently all lifts in operation. The speaker noted that during the reporting period to the LSKAP "Lutskspetskomuntrans" was transferred to 3 messages untimely removal of solid waste on the street. Sagaydachnogo 20; Staritskogo, 117 ave. Victory, 16. 5 bellKiv came to solve the problem of stray dogs (street. Gorodetsky, 11, Urinary, 1; Kondzelevich, 3; Dr.Narodiv 1a). All appeals submitted in response to ME "Weasel". 20 appeals concerning the movement of passenger transport. Luciana murmured the large range of motion and trolley buses, no flights and impropercommunication drivers (complaints received on bus number 2, 9, 9a, 10; 12; 25; 26; 27; 32; 47 and trolley 1; 6; 12. All appeals submitted to monitor and control measures in transport and communication ' communications. There were also complaints about the loud sound of music in the bar "Bravo Schweik" and the night club "Ring" and tenants on the street. Vladimir, 103 ppkarzhylys polluted area near the bar "Hunting hut". These messages were directed to the management of business and advertising department and municipal wife to take measures. With the onset of beautiful lovely days in rapid response group "15-80" started receiving requests for burning dead in the citiesa. These messages are received on smoking in the park named after Lesya Ukrainian in the street. Crooked shaft and on the bank. Stir near st. Proletarian where the fall was planted young trees. Of Fire and Rescue Service Operational repaid flame. Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk pointed head LKAP "Lutskspetskomuntrans" Valery Kuzmaycha the need to determine the location for storing solid waste district in September. This neighborhood residents asked the mayor during a recent meeting. Nicholas Romaniuk also instructed the Municipal wife attracted to justice those who pollute the air by burning garbage. This was reported in Lutsk Cityfirst pleased