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Ternopil, in Zbarazh can rent a room "Ukrposhta"

In Zbarazh can rent a room "Ukrposhta" Some production facilities with a total area of ??23.5 square meters on the ground floor on the street. 5 Hrushevskoho in Zbarazh intends to submit to rent Property Fund Regional Office for the Ternopil region. Balance-object is Ternopolska management UDPPZ "Ukrposhta". Maximum rental period - 2 years 11 months. The purpose of - placing office. Applications are accepted for rent March 4, 2015 inclusive at 46008, m. Ternopil, st. Tantsorova 11 (ca. 603), PB SPF in Ternopil region; submitted in a separate envelope labeled "Statementlease "with the name and location of the object of the lease. In the case of two or more applications landlord announce a competition for the lease. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council