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In Dubno completed the School

community leaders last year at the initiative of the then district council chairman and now deputy of Ukraine of "blocks Poroshenko" Alexander Dehtyarchuka Dubno earned "School leader." During the year under a special program periodically conducted thematically planned seminars with the participation of young publicfigures. During the project area for activists lectures were well-known public figures of Rivne: UNDP representative in Rivne Olga Kashevski, chairman of the Center "Social Partnership" Sergey Pinchuk, media expert Alexander Khitrov, Master of Public Administration, assistant deputy Ukraine and Peter Ruher the priorumpteenth journalist, head of the Rivne regional organization of the party "PAID Poroshenko - Solidarity" Sergei Shturhetskyy. All this time experienced lecturers teach civic activists strategic planning development of the local community; project development; land management and municipal property territorialcommunity; principles of successful publik relations; study legislation on local government and more. According to the organizers of the school, the other day certificates of graduation leader received 33 first graduates that are prepared 13 grant projects. These projects will be used in a variety of organ donationizatsiyi to help raise additional funds for community development Dubenschyny. It should also be noted that the most active graduates will be credited to the reserve personnel of the district levels of government. "The first school leader proved to be effective in the near future and will continue - MP of Ukraine" block PETRA Poroshenko "Alexander Dehtyarchuk. - To participate in school leadership, we invite all those wishing to study people who in the future will develop civil society and may work in government. On the next set to School leader will be notified in advance. "