In the Lviv region on the initiative svobodovtsev Brody in a charity evening in support of the pilot seriously wounded

in the House Brody " Education " an evening of memory devoted to anniversary of hundreds of Heaven and all the heroes who stood up for the freedom and independence of Ukraine in 2014-2015 years. However, this event was Graceiynu goal - to raise funds to support seriously wounded Brody pilot Sergey Titarenko. The initiator of the event - member of the board PA " Freedom " Irina SEC. The presenter of the event, member of the Lviv regional council, Honored Artist of Ukraine Roman Kovalchuk mentioned countryman who died in the Revolution and dignity in the war. &Quot; A year ago, took the Ukrainianin the streets, because they could no longer tolerate tyranny, abuse, criminal government dictates. Came the call of the heart. Went to change their state, their lives forever. We paid a high price for the victory of the Revolution dignity. Then we did not know that soon Ukraine is waiting for a new bloodshed - Russian aggressor decided by force of arms calmUkrainian and rebellious people. we remember the fallen, but also think about the living who have suffered terrible injuries. One of these heroes for many years lived nearby, served in Brody helicopter regiment. This Major Sergey Titarenko, we want to help & quot ;, - said the leader. The idea of ??a charity concert and raise funds for wounded Hero are amongb Irina SEC. &Quot; History Sergey Titarenko I learned recently when he has finished the Lviv hospital treatment. When war broke out, he went without hesitation to perform tasks in TU. June 4 his helicopter was shot down by terrorists over the Slavic. Sergei survived, but after a powerful shot injured spine. Sergei moves in a wheelchair.Already at the end of February, he can return home, but have nowhere to turn their own. Over 10 years of service to the Motherland Defender did not deserve their own homes. Wife with children is parents in a small apartment on the fifth floor in a building without an elevator ... Heroes live among us and rarely ask for help. But they should not be left one-on-one with St.oyeyu trouble & quot ;, - said Irina SEC. To realize the vision of the Committee participated humanitarian support Ukrainian troops PA " Freedom " (Brody), Brody fraternity, ICF " Magic bag St. Nicholas & quot ;, Department of Culture Brody RSA. For bridschan made famous performers: Lviv Opera soloists - PeopleArtist of Ukraine Stephen Stephen, honored artist Roman Kovalchuk, Stephen Tarasovych known performers Oksana naked, Tatiana Paschak soloist Chapel " Trembita " Diana Pipash, instrumental accompaniment - known musicians Roman Melnyk and Miroslav Sora, a young musician Adrian servants, Ensemble " & quot ;. krynychen'ky By evening were collected over11 thousand USD. To fundraising teams joined Brody forestry, Leshnivskoho kindergarten Yasenivskoyi secondary school, and many brodivchan. Anyone could also buy a book famous Swiss Military Hans von Dakha " total resistance. Instructions for doing small war & quot ;, and costs of sale and publisherEditor Oleg Feshovets given in support of Sergei Titarenko. Brody District Council Chairman svobodivka Olga Shaydullina immediately gave donations collected mom military wife Mrs. Hope, who attended the concert. Details for assistance Sergey Titarenko: Privat, card number 5168 7420 1228 9173. Recipient: Titarenko Natalia (wivesa). This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "