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people 582 095 These figures were announced guidance of Zhytomyr region during the selector meeting where officials zvituvalysya on the implementation of the Government's decisions on improving regional subsystems unified state civil defense system. February 23 guidelinesDSNS heard about Ukraine Zhytomyr and Dnipropetrovsk region. As reported by the Deputy Head of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration – Chief of Staff Administration Vyacheslav Polishchuk, as of 18 February checked 561 protective structure (100% of target), with 68 stores and 493 anti-radiation shelters. The inspections 23 units. (4%) considered Gothovymy, 377 units. (67%) – limited to 161 units and ready. (29%) – unprepared. In the area there are 46 thousand basements. Among them have been registered in 1242 simplest shelter a total capacity of 582 095 people, which can be used to shelter people from the effects of weapons in a particular period and in emergency cytuatsiy. Now continues to actively work on their checking and alerting. &Laquo; clock in front Counseling Center Management DSNS in Zhytomyr Oblast and daily markets and shopping centers around the city – mobile consulting office. Here people can get from a qualified lifeguards Repbureaucrats Red Cross and educational center of the Zhytomyr Oblast informational and educational assistance and practical training in civil defense, first aid, use of personal respiratory protection etc & raquo ;, – said Vyacheslav Polishchuk. In today's conditions, special attention is concentratedwife at work with the public. As has been repeatedly was covered in the media, is in educational institutions and labor collectives field workers DSNS, civil protection authorities in cooperation with specialists Explosives MIA lectures with videosuprovodom and additional practical training in evacuation of the premises and action in the case ondzvychaynyh situations and terrorist acts. Receive methodical support of educational institutions area. Also specialists carefully set in proper condition for possible defenses shelter population. The region is registered in 1180 protective structures of civil protection, including 127 stores and 1053 anti-radiation shelters. According to chyl schedule has tested 531 defenses. Among them are ready to use – Storage 9, 11 – anti-radiation shelters, limited willing – Storage 23, 336 – anti-radiation shelters are not ready – 27 shelters and 125 – anti-radiation shelters. &Laquo; continued to be displaced. Thus, by theirtotal number as of 17 February 6845 is people, including 1855 children, pensioners and disabled people – 2190 people. Men – 914 people. Women – 1886 people., In particular, from the Crimea – 281 person; from the territory of ATO – 6564 people. Provision of housing for IDPs is about 111 ’ objects, which can be rodisplace 832 people & raquo ;, – Vyacheslav Ivanovich reported. Also, the Deputy Governor said that the website of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region created information section « Important! Increased readiness! & Raquo ;, which described all necessary information on civil protection, legal andkty, addresses protective structures of civil protection area of ??action in alerting the public and posted audio, video, publishing and printing designs products warning character. In addition to this website Interactive map of protective structures Civil Protection m. Zhytomyr. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region