Guardians of Lviv improve their skills and effective communication management

Ukrainian police reform continues. And one of the main elements of the reform is to train the police department managers. It effectively manage the processes that are currently taking place in the Ukrainian police, applying yesterday's knowledge is impossible. So inDirectorate Ministry of Lviv once again held a training course. Do the leaders of Lviv police departments conducted training company owner, business coach with over a decade of experience Olga Sodoha. Based on case studies she shared with the audience views on improving the skills of effective management and communesikatsiyi. "The role of heads of departments and their deputies in the reform process is important. Each made their decision must be weighed and the best to bring concrete results, "- said in the introduction to the training Olga Sodoha. Also teacher Lviv Business School offered the audience a lot of useful tips for use in povsyakdEnno life of the potential of each employee. Assured training providers - Deputy Head of the Office staffing Research Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region police captain Roman Bahovskyy such training will continue. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region