The only Ukrainian-language magazine in Kharkiv "Berezil" - on the verge of being only

Ukrainian-Kharkiv literary magazine "Berezil" on the verge of existence. This is stated in the article on the website of the newspaper « Day & raquo ;. &Laquo; Berezil » Ukrainophobes not destroy, if not destroy Ukrainophobes industry for decades in WesternUkraine, the future home front Ukrainian-Russian war. It destroys that gave rise – Writers' Union of Ukraine. And naybanalnishym way. No policy – Only business & raquo ;, – commented on the situation writer Shevchenko Prize winner, member of the editorial board « Berezil » Galina Pahutyak. According to her, the UnionWriters and raised the rent for the magazine to the commercial level, « as is the magazine that should be funded union office and sales Mercedes & raquo ;. &Laquo; Editors located in the premises of the Kharkiv regional organization of the Writers' Union. February 6 cabinet chief editor was defeated, knocked Dr.Very and began to make furniture. &Laquo; Finita la comedy. I gave birth to you, I love you and UB ’ S & raquo ;, – I wrote the editor in chief Vladimir Naumenko. If I had a chance, it would be evicted from the premises of the Writers' Union, because no publisher, no magazines, no active outreach it does not cost anything. A break out doorsand with the tacit consent management NSPU – This is so uncivilized that are reminiscent of other work Gogol – &Laquo; Dead Souls & raquo ;, – H.Pahutyak said. As noted journalist Tatiana thistle in Facebook, though « Berezil » &Ndash; spilchanskyy magazine, as amended always been the golden rule – to printovsim worthwhile, not just members of the Union. This NSPU members, especially Kharkiv, has always been the greatest indignation. &Laquo; has long Union does not allocate funds for the magazine, providing a single support – Free room in the House of Writers in Chernyshevsky. War on « Berezil » takes many years – and facilities, andand the impact of the policy journal, and the editorial chair. As Vladimir Naumenko, I would like to exclaim: what, take journal, see what it will become. But what he will, I am quite imagine why I will not shout, because my greatest desire – to the magazine changed, improved, but the main thing – continued to come in Kharkov! & raquo ;, – stresses T.Teren. The journalist also said: « If Union leaders were adequate, they would think about the real problems « Berezil » &Ndash; promotion, search sponsors, increase circulation, improve the design and printing. But think about something else, and not just think and break out the door to the office Glavred, to evictedit out of you & raquo ;. Told