Pope Francis said that it side by side with Ukraine -

patriarch patriarch at the press conference for journalists of international media ad Limina visit summed Ukrainian bishops of the UGCC Synod, which lasted for a week in Jerusalem. The patriarch said, "that the visit to the hierarchy of the Church was transferred opportunityyou Holy Father pain Ukrainian people and pray on the tombs of the Apostles for peace in our country. " Pope Francis. Photo: ZIK / EPA / ANGELO CARCONI Reported source. &Laquo; Communicating with Pope Francis, we told him that Ukraine is the victim of aggression neighboring country. This is not a civil war inside onpro- state, but direct, though not declared war against the Ukrainian people & raquo ;, – said the patriarch. He also said that the Holy Father listened with great sympathy on the extent of the humanitarian disaster that is going through Ukrainian society. Also told the patriarch words of the Holy Father on the subject: « I side by side with you and are at your service & raquo ;. &Laquo; These words of Pope told me one full meaning of the Holy Father titles – &Laquo; servant of servants of God & raquo ;, – patriarch commented, adding that « words of Pope asserted us that our church is going in the right direction – to be with his flock& Raquo ;. The patriarch also told reporters on the pastoral ministry of the UGCC in war and social work of various charitable organizations that provide assistance to refugees and wounded in the war. &Laquo; about 80 percent of Ukrainian society involved in various volunteer activities. About people ’ are united, helping each other, Regardless of religious affiliation » and this, according to His Beatitude Sviatoslav, « is a real practical ecumenism. Rehiynyy peace that we managed to keep our society, is a great treasure for us & raquo ;. The hierarchs of the UGCC also appealed to the Holy Father asked to assist in addressing this humanitarian catastrophe for aid agenciesthe international community. When asked about the Pope's words regarding respect for international law, patriarch commented: « When the Holy See says to follow international law, it calls for respect for the territorial sovereignty tsilisnoti and Ukraine. If the neighboring state allows himselfannexation of the Crimea, it breaks any rules of international law. Told

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