Daughter Horlis-Gorsky presents authentic Roman "Cold Yar"

On Thursday, February 26, at 17.00 at the Royal Hall of Lviv History Museum at m. Lviv, Market Square, 6 the presentation of new publications of artistic heritage of the famous Ukrainian writer Yuri Horlis- Gorsky (The Citizen-Lisowski). Among the issues presented – reprint such as « in the enemy camp & raquo ;, « Ataman cloud. From mysteries GPU & raquo ;, « Ave dictator! & Raquo ;, and authentic edition of the novel in two parts « Cold Yar & raquo ;, that ’ manifest published in Kiev in early 2015, Series « Library nationalist & raquo ;. In the book presentation will take partdaughter Larissa Lisovska writer and Deputy Director of the National Memorial Museum « Prison on Lontskoho » Victoria Garden. &Laquo; among other places, where there were presentations of famous modern reprints « Cold Ravine & raquo ;, this museum has a special address to some extent symbolic place. Recall that escapeding from Soviet captivity, Yuri Horlis-Gorsky in 1932 settled in Lviv Market Square at number 5 in room 7. It was written in his memoirs, which we know as memories « in the enemy camp & raquo ;, « « B GPU dungeons » or novel « Cold Yar & raquo ;. It is at this address could be ordered (as evidenced advama 1930s) and the next book Gorlis Gorsky « between living corpses & raquo ;, but that's not to be published, because its manuscript was lost in the war years. This presentation we want to draw attention lions ’ Yang not only the issue of the authenticity of the text works of George Horlis-Gorsky, but also to places Stand ’ knitteda stay in our city this writer & raquo ;, – said Victoria Garden. Told