The Khmelnytsky oblast in state enterprises was comprehensive training to eliminate conditional emergency related to the commission of a terrorist act

February 24 on the territory of DP « & raquo ;, innovator in the regional center, there was a comprehensive study to eliminate conditional emergency, floor ’ associated with the commission of a terroristact. For tactical plan, a group of unknown persons carried out a mortar attack in the enterprise. Vnaslsti besides damaged building workshops, there was a fire in the shop electroplating and painting. At the company remained mortar shells that UXO. Administration managed to evacuate 30 people from the shops to the repository, where they organizedlife support. As part of the service units gazodymozaschitny rescuers who arrived at the scene of an emergency, fire suppression and began searching people. Workers rescue department for rescue special unit under the rubble of the destroyed building found the victim, whose legs zazhati fragment Concrete Co.nstruktsiyi. With pneumatic cushions rescuers got a man from the rubble, along with nurse translated it into speleonoshi and transported to the emergency provision for further medical care. During the test, the territory of pyrotechnic engineers work for rescue special unit of mortar shells found foralibru 82 mm ordnance. Pyrotechnics ammunition transported to designated areas for destruction. To determine the presence in the air of hazardous chemicals in place of an emergency came radiometric mobile chemical laboratory. During the exploration chemists using special equipment defined availability and concentratsiyu hazardous chemicals, and measured the level of contamination. Operations Group Department of the Interior has exposed positions, outfits for emergency exits. Energy examined about mains ’ object and znestrumyly it. Employees of emergency gas service restored damaged pipeline. At the scene crews Speedvein Healthcare launched sorting platform, which evakuyovuvaly rescue victims. Here medical staff gave first aid and, if necessary, victims were taken to specialized hospitals. Of the victims, which was diagnosed light injury, psychologists worked DSNS. In addition, the Training teachers isntru and life safety Khmelnitsky region-based mobile counseling center taught actions in case of emergencies, including military character residents of our city. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast