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In Khmelnytsky in our memory forever, they remained

In November 2013- February 2014 in Ukraine there were events that changed the course of history of the state. Ukraine gained its true independence, new quality due to their future exploits the true patriots who gave their lives for it. Heavenly hundred - the name that people gave Regiment heroes donationWali himself for us, our dreams of a better future. Who were? What sought? They were not extremists or terrorists or fascists. Ordinary people, civilians, who came on so-called Euromaidan to defend their right to dream. Teachers and students, businessmen, journalists, scholars and academics, artists and musicians, hromadsKey figures and ordinary workers. People who live in different parts of Ukraine. These seemingly different ... But - no! They were similar. Very similar! Hearts always very similar, in which, hostility disbelief, despair and hatred that imposed on us the spirit of this world, living faith, hope and love. Faith - the victory of good over evil, truth - lies over and Creevdoyu. Hope - a better future for their country, their children. Love - to Ukraine, true sons which they have been, are and will be. February 24, 2015 in the premises of the Children's Library held an hour-requiem memory heroes hundreds of Heaven. Prior to the events vshanuvalnyh joined deputy head of the district administration Viktor Yaroshchukand deputy chairman of the district council Faith Vasylchuk. Quiet, loving mother of the hero - countryman, the inhabitants of the village Zaluzhzhya Belogorskogo area Podryhuna Alexander - Galina, with sadness, pain and tears mentions his son about his death, which still can not believe it. And the light shines smiling face when telling what kind, sensitive, gentleand loving he was. Those present honored heroes Heavenly hundreds minute of silence. Eternal Memory Of .. The information was