In Uzhhorod young naturalists familiar with everyday life pyrotechnics and learn how to act in emergency situations

20 February The rescue special unit of the Office of DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region for a tour visiting students Transcarpathian Regional ecological and naturalistic center. The event, organized on the occasion of the Weekof healthy lifestyles and life safety, attended by about fifty children and eight heads of circles institution. First of all, the students learned about the dangerous finds that permanently neutralize pyrotechnic experts group work. Of particular delight in children caused demonstration rounds, grenades, mines, artillery CHaryadiv and other ammunition times world wars, which is rich in Transcarpathian land. On this occasion reminded rescue kids the rules of conduct in detecting explosive devices. In addition, the children demonstrated pyrotechnics equipment, including a helmet and body armor by weighing nearly 10 pounds. Students also had the opportunity to look aroundmetal detector by which soldiers DSNS found in the earth explosives. Visit of young scientists to rescue detachment continued in Training Center of Civil Protection and Life Safety. It told the kids how to act in emergency situations, including an earthquake, radiation threat, gas leak, spillmercury, etc. Next, students were taught the basics of providing first aid. Such measures are extremely useful because help children better assimilate procedure in extreme situations and demonstrate the dangers that may lie in wait for young people in the future. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region