We - your children, Ukraine!

February 23, 2015 in Dunayivtsi district House student held regional review-competition of amateur and secondary-school education. The event was held under the slogan "We - your children, Ukraine!". In the concert was attended by over 200 students were presented vocal numbers, horeohrafichnoho, instrumental, folk, theatrical genre of recitation. Overall demonstrated 20 bright rooms. The concert started Choir "Harmony" Dunaivtsi SPC "School I-III., High school" work "Virgin Mary" (leaders Mudrik Elena and Dmitry Furman). Interesting numbers shown dancers' Makivchanka "(Head LoveMukosiy) duet "Alliance" (director Victoria Verbytska), modern dance group "Rhythm" (director Helen Miller), the group "Panda Attack Crew" (director Arthur Krupnik). Perfection sonority and vocal numbers showed Igor Borisov (director Svetlana Stavirska), Bogdan Yasinska (leader Leonid Tkachuk-Sinkova) Pollianna Ryzhak (governinging Alain Gridina and Elena Melnik). It is impossible not to notice performance by music band "School days" (director Vladimir Ulanovsky), who performed the work from the repertoire of the band "Okean Elzy" brass band performance, (head Vyacheslav Rayinchuk). Painfully impressed artistic soul reading Ivanna Fabiyanovoyi work "Testament" (Head Lafeature Shelest) about soldiers who are now in the east. This competition promotes cohesion kids around national and patriotic ideas. The continuation of the event was an exhibition of decorative - applied and fine arts, including the proposed techniques - were interesting art embroidery, paper decorations, products of artistic treatment of wood,and in the technique of "toy" and so on. After the concert the jury indicated that the review highlighted the achievements of pupils Dunaivtsi new district. The presentations were evaluated contestants artistic level repertoire, executive skills, theatrical culture. The information was