Alexander Sorochany "At Vinnytsia epidemic of SARS and influenza is declining" (+ photos)

This 24 February, during a press conference the head of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service in Alexander Sorochany. According to the monitoring of the epidemic situation of influenza and SARS in the last week for healthth appealed through 14 522 persons, including 9009 children (62.0%). 452 people hospitalized, including 277 children. Registered Unfortunately, 1 fatal case - died 4 year old girl in the village. Karmalyuk Zhmerynka area. "The incidence in the whole area was 89.3 cases per 10 thousand. Population and is 33% above the epidemic threshold. The largestsh high incidence data on infections were registered in the city. Vinnitsa, Barsky, Illinetskyi, Kryzhopil, Peschansky and Tyvrovsky region "- said Alexander Sorochany. Furthermore, influenza outbreaks were sent to forced vacation 145 pupils of secondary schools Vinnitsa region. Due to quarantine temporarily suspended Mr.avchalnyy process of all schools. Haysyn winery and region. "For we have restrictions on the educational process in 97 schools in the area. Every day the situation is changing daily educational institutions are opened, it is possible that they will also be closed. Number of missing children to be 20-25% or higher in order to decisions taken on forarantynu. However, to say that Vinnichchine incidence of influenza peaked and is now on the decline "- said Alexander Sorochany. In addition, speakers at the event, held at the press center of the Department of Information and Communication of the RSA were MD, head of children etc.infectious diseases VNMU them. Pirogov Irina Disagreement and assistant professor of infectious diseases VNMU them. Pirogov Olga Androsova. Experts, in particular, noted that in 2015 there is no number of patients, as it was in 2009. At Vinnytsia walking two strains of flu: H3N2 and seasonal flu virus influenza "B". However, doctors stressed the main symptoms are excisedqualify flu from SARS. Thus, according to Irina disagreement, the flu virus is always a sharp increase in body temperature to 39 - 40 degrees, general intoxication against the high temperature, sore muscles, headaches, seizures, bleeding in mucous membranes. One of the main features of influenza is the lack of rhinorrhea, ie no cold.As for the prevention of influenza, then according to participants in the press conference, it can only be a vaccination. However, it should be done in October. By the way, to determine which type of disease can vinnichane yourself by making a quick test, which is sold in pharmacies. But this should be done only in the first three days of illness. However, experts warn uo Do not engage in self-care, better call physicians. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration