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In Khmelnytsky goodbye Hero

inhabitants Novoushitskiy District Battalion soldier said goodbye with "Aydar" Borys Shevchuk. Borys Shevchuk was born in 1963 in s.Kurazhyn graduated Novoushitskiy school 1, vocational school, he worked in various positions in Novoushitskiy cannery and other enterprises. He was an active member of the EBromaydanu and after the Revolution Advantages voluntarily went to defend the homeland, joining of the 24 territorial defense battalions "Aydar". In August last year, along with fellow soldier, ryzykuvavshy life, visas wounded comrade to the nearest medical center. Car hit by artillery fire. For a long time biytsi considered missing. Body Boris able to identify through DNA examination. To conduct the funeral defender of Ukraine came relatives, friends and we all residents. The information was