In Vinnytsia during fire suppression DSNS fighters rescued two men

23 February at 22:26 Vinnitsa rescue fire was reported in the regional center on the street. Litvinenko. How can ’ it turned out, there was a fire in n ’ storey building on the 2nd floor. In place of an emergency rescuers arrived just that at 22: 49 eliminated the fire. During exploration in one of the rooms, the men gazodymozaschitny level of service found and rescued two men who provided first aid domedychnu and transferred workers to “ 103 & rdquo ;. Currently, 49-year-old landlord with burns of the head, trunk, upper and lower limbs, respiratory tract, and its76-year-old friend from thermal burns of the face and both hands are separated burn Vinnytsia Regional Hospital. MI Pirogov. Probable cause of the fire was carelessness when smoking. PG DSNS in Vinnitsa region