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Ivano-Frankivsk region, burning dry grass

Already the first warm days compared excited people lulling winter cold instincts owner. I began hazduvannya gardens, courtyards ’ Yah adjacent territories, of which something first - burning dry grass, which is often, unfortunately, turns into uncontrolled burning and often totalmallow destruction of buildings housing sector, causing damage to the environment and health ’ S people. Only last weekend at the Carpathian region recorded 28 cases of fires of dry grass and debris in open areas. Sometimes areas that burn out, affect its value. On 22 February, the village Knyazholuka Dolynskogo area due to careless povodzhent with fire unidentified person was a fire of dry grass in the open area of ??about a thousand square meters. Locate fire and extinguish the fire of dry grass in open areas is not easy, because the speed of propagation of fire is high. When this happens near settlements are more likely to rollover flame ’ I for residential and commercial buildings. Departure for extinguishing fires of dry grass, leaves residues has considerable material losses. He suffers from such cases and the environment. Another factor is extremely dangerous burning dry grass – acrid black smoke. For people prone to allergies, be in a dead zone combustion dangerobut. And the worst is burning grass in the area of ??the city, where the soil and plants accumulate heavy metals. Inhaling smoke, people are poisoning your body. In addition, not just burn the grass in cities but garbage, among which many plastic. In rural fields may fade residues of pesticides, which are used for treatment of soil and plants. Dangersechni combustion products wind is able to carry over long distances, thus may suffer not only directly arsonists. It should be stressed that these fires – This is also an increased risk of fire peatlands. Such fire cover large areas and difficult to extinguish because peat can burn in all directions, regardless of wind strength. Even the rainor snow are not able to extinguish the burning peat. When peat burns, it burns the roots of trees that might fall from it, and thick smoke is very dangerous. Only one tenth of peat fires occurs through spontaneous combustion. For the most part, in this blame people who set fire to dry grass. By the way, after burning grass plant life and insects on this factterritory could resume no earlier than 5-6 years. Management DSNS in Ivano-Frankivsk region appeals to all citizens with an urgent request not to burn dry grass and not to provoke fires that cause a lot of damage farm land. Management DSNS in