Transcarpathia, regional prosecutor, Vladimir Janko activists and journalists asked to provide evidence of corruption

23 February, Attorney Zakarpastkoyi region Vladimir Janko took civic activists, representatives of the Convention, journalists, deputy Uzhgorod city council Viktor Schadeya and lawyer Natalia Maystrenko. Hezvazhayuchy that receives public prosecutor region every Thursday, but Vladimir took the time and listened to everyone and for each question and gave an exhaustive answer roz`yasnyv situation. In the said meeting community activists asked the prosecutor to make in the interests of the community in the lawsuit to restore Victor Pogorelovas mayor. Vladimir Janko said that with the signing last October of a new Law « On Prosecution » our powers are severely limited, however, instructed the prosecutor of Uzhgorod Ivan roared to examine the question of legal grounds accession prosecutors in the case and if indeed be legitimate reasons –enter the case to protect the interests of the community. Among other things discussed at the meeting and the resonant accident involving Amarovycha judges, members of NGO « Public Convent » Basil Maniak and Roman Bohuslav interested reasons that so long they think are going investigation of the criminal proceedings. Prosecutor Vladimir Janko wasoz`yasnyv them currently ongoing examination has conducted more than 100 investigations. The rate of expertise prosecution is not affected, they are held in order of priority as determined by institutions which made this examination. In addition, the regional prosecutor said activists on special order prosecution of judges. He advisedodycham deceased, as the injured party to submit a request for acceleration Expertise – names and addresses of institutions prosecution they will. Prosecutor stressed that the current anti-corruption – our highest priority and therefore be very grateful if journalists and activists will constructively assist the prosecutor's office in this, nadaing specific facts. Prosecutors respond to such facts openly and harshly. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region